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We welcome members who are over 50 and single, or couples
who were previous single MPN members.
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Fall Fun!
Saturday Morning Breakfast
Join your MPN friends at Porter's Diner on Saturday mornings at 9:30 am. 
1761 Route 640 Hanwell Rd on the right side just past the TC overpass.
Men's Cook Night

This Saturday!

September 24th

Where: Christ Church Parish Church, Charlotte Street entrance

Time: 4pm social; 5pm supper

Come and feast on turkey with all the trimmings, ham, salad, dessert, coffee and tea. Sounds yummy!

Old Time Movie and Popcorn Night

Our first social of the fall!

When: Friday, September 30th

Where: Our space at The Ville, Canada Street

Time: 6-8pm

Featuring: Casablanca

BYOB; popcorn will be supplied. 

Managing diabetes/general nutrition for seniors

Tuesday, October 4th!

Where: The Ville

When: 10-11am

Join Sarah McKay, Registered Dietitian, for a conversation about managing diabetes in seniors and general nutrition for seniors.  Bring your questions! Coffee and water will be available.

Yoga for seniors

Starting November 8th for 4 weeks!

Where: The Ville

When: Tuedays, November 8, 15, 22 and 29th

Who: Elaine Campbell, Certified Yoga Instructor

Bring your mat and come and join us for some Yoga designed specifially for seniors. There will be both chair and mat work. No experience necessary. 

Offered at no cost to our members thanks to our Seniors Horizon grant.

Limited to 15 participants! PM Sandy J. or call at 999-5251 to register.

Save the date!

December 3rd from 6-8pm! Details to come!

MPN Committee Notes

Hello MPN friends,

2022 has been a great year so far for MPN fun, friends and activities. We’ve had lots of dances, pool parties, BBQ’s, socials, seminars and two awesome trips! AND, we still have lots to look forward to.

Following 2 years of COVID inactivity, the Committee wanted to offer new and exciting events and activities with the aim of rebuilding and growing the membership. We applied and received a federal grant through the Horizons for Seniors Program that allowed us to do that.  What it doesn’t provide is the manpower to organize and carry out all these activities.  In the past, MPN consisted of Friday night socials, Saturday breakfasts and the occasional dance.

Though the Committee is involved in leading and organizing a number of events, and provides a framework through which to operate, 8 or so individuals cannot maintain the level of activity provided for the group for 2022-23.   

A couple of members have agreed to sit on the Committee, and we are very grateful to them for volunteering their time and talent. However, to maintain this level of fun and events, we need many hands. This is our group and it’s only going to be as good as the effort we each contribute.

The MPN has always been a network of seniors for seniors. Members are encouraged to identify and lead activities themselves ie: organize a group supper; suggest and organize an outing or a hike;

Every planned activity or event requires support. This can take the form of anything from helping to decorate the venue, making phone calls, taking tickets at the door, designing and printing tickets to buying food (reimbursed by the Committee), selling tickets and keeping a list of attendees, hosting some of our socials (opening the room and making coffee).  Event organizers usually have a list of everything that needs to be done.

If you want the MPN to continue on a similar basis than it has this year, then we all need to pull together to make it happen. Please contact Bev Steeves if you are willing to help or take the lead on an event or activity.

Bev 459-8487 or pm her on Facebook

Your MPN Organizing Committee

MPN has received a Federal Government Grant through the Seniors Horizon Grant Program that will allow us to do some amazing stuff  in 2022 - a couple of bus trips are planned; many dances are in our future, including having a live band in November; some artistic fun stuff; some educational sessions specifically for seniors; some golf, pool parties and BBQ's and lots of social activities.
To become an MPN member, please email your name and contact info to  This will give you access to our weekly newsletter and information about planned activities and events.
The group also has an MPN Facebook page (Mature People's Network) that is open to members only.  Once you have attended an event and we have your information, you can request access to the Facebook page so that you may communicate with other members in a private forum.
Note: This is a closed group for MPN members only.        
Membership List
MPN maintains a membership directory of active members which is periodically distributed for private use by members. If you would prefer not to have your name on this list, please email
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Remember to check the Message Board for current postings.
Provincial Archives
MPN Records
Essential records documenting the MPN story have been donated to the Provincial Archives for permanent perservation.  The Fonds number is MC 4329. 
Outside Activities/Events of Interest
Aging in New Brunswick: A User's Guide
This publication can be downloaded for free on the St Thomas WEB site.
It is an excellent guide providing information on home support services, legal matters, and driving safety. It is a must have guide for anyone over "39".
WEB site
Please support a Scent Free environment when attending 
MPN activities. Drink Responsibly. Drive Responsibly.









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