MPN - Mature People's Network



Committee Members
Bev Steeves 459-8487
Bill Cockburn 440-3840
Marilyn Hetherington
Harold Holland 454-9507
Hubert Pickard 457-9093
Jane Dick 206-3356
Kathy Cosman 458-2915
Wendy Hebert 459-7366
Margo Biggs 450-6348
Patsy Moorcraft 357-8353

Sandy Jamieson


These great folks above volunteer their time and effort to ensure that MPN always has a number of activities on the go.  But they can't do it all.  This is your network and the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.
Please volunteer to help out or coordinate activities.
Suggestions for new activities are always welcomed and encouraged.